Purchasing a License to Teach

Purchasing a license-to-teach allows you the network, education, branding and support of our business. This approach saves you the money, time and effort of building a company from scratch yourself. There are many challenges to working for yourself but there are also many benefits and purchasing a licence-to-teach allows you to focus on the benefits.

When compared to buying a franchise, a licence purchase tends to be more flexible. We are not selling you a part of the business and a territory to operate in, but we are allowing you to enter and grow your business using our programmes as you see fit, as long as you are upholding our reputation. Becoming a DramEd Licensee gives you a lifestyle business that benefits you and your larger goals. 

Our reputation is built on talent, commitment and the way we engage with children!  


How to Qualify as a DramEd Licensee





You pay your training fee for the programme(s) you wish to qualify in.

You have 12 weeks to submit your online assessment.

You upload your videos.

You upload relevant certificates from your country’s authority.

To keep your costs low, we ask you to apply when you have the qualified artistic skills and the confidence that are essential when it comes to working with children and running a business like ours. This means taking measures to have the relevant checks in place, such as DBS. The fees for our training programmes are non-refundable. 

After purchasing the programme(s), you will be sent the training manual, which you are expected to become familiar with! 

Once you feel confident about the programme, email info@dramed.co.uk To let us know you are ready for the assessment. The link to the assessment will be sent to you. It is a timed practical assessment. So, please ensure to set aside 60 minutes to complete it. 

Note: Details on how to submit your videos will be available in the training manual. You will have 3 months to submit everything. Videos can be submitted to YouTube or Vimeo – where you can create a private link if you wish.

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